All eligible basic physician trainees must apply for positions in Victoria through a statewide job match, which assigns candidates to employ health services based on their mutual preferences, and is administered by the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV).

Eligibility criteria for entering the PMCV match may be found here.

Eligible candidates must apply through the PMCV and the individual hospitals. i.e. Regardless of status within or outside of the Match, all applicants additionally need to submit applications and curriculum vitae to the individual employing health services.

For further information and a list of dates please refer to individual hospital websites and PMCV website.

Any vacancies remaining after the PMCV match may be offered to suitable doctors who have not obtained a position through the Match, or who are not eligible to enter the Match.

In the Bayside-Peninsula BPT Consortium, the employing health services are:

Alfred Health
Submit an online application or visit the Alfred Health website.

Peninsula Health
Submit an online application through e-recruitment. Details through Debbie Hobbs, Administrative Assistant, Department of Medicine,
Ph: (03) 9784 7250, Fax: (03) 9784 7567, email: