BPT year refers to the year of basic physician training according to the RACP. BPT1 thus refers to the first year of basic physician training (usually following the intern (PGY1) year).
BPT2 refers to the second year of basic physician training and BPT3+ refers to the third or subsequent year of basic physician training (when trainees sit their examinations).
Registration with the RACP is now compulsory from BPT1 onwards. For a year to be fully accredited it must meet rotation and curriculum requirements as set out by the RACP.
PGY (Post-Graduate Year) refers to the number of full-time years (or equivalent) that a doctor has engaged in clinical work after graduation from medical school.


For full details of rotation requirements for the Basic Physician Training Program, please refer to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians website. The Basic Physician Training Program consists of twelve rotations over three years. Trainees will undertake a variety of general and specialty rotations with acute as well as sub-acute care patterns. RACP rotation requirements are considered in allocating rotations to ensure that training requirements are met. Where possible, rosters are designed so that BPTs are rostered to local rotations in the months leading up to the written and clinical FRACP exams.
All rotations are for three months. Peninsula Health trainees have the opportunity of rotating to The Alfred Hospital for a three month term.


The Bayside-Peninsula Consortium has a highly developed and proficient basic physician training program which incorporates a professional development component. Many aspects
of the written and clinical preparation programs are able to be accessed by all major training sites within the Consortium, including rural rotations. All trainees across the Consortium
will have access to the education programs run at both main campuses (i.e. The Alfred and Frankston Hospitals).

Training at Alfred Health
For a full list of Alfred Health trainee rotations as well as the training program for both written and clinical exams please refer to this attachment.

Training at Peninsula Health
For a full list of Peninsula Health trainee rotations as well as the training program for both written and clinical exams please refer to the website..

RACP Curriculum

In 2008, a new Training Curriculum was introduced by the RACP for gradual rollout over the following three years. Details and requirements of the new PREP curriculum (Physician Readiness for Expert Practice) can be found on the RACP website. In summary the new curriculum requires trainees to complete the following each year:

  • 4 Mini-CEX (Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise)
  • 2 PQR (Professional Qualities Reflection) – formerly known as SIAT (Significant Incident Analysis)
  • 2 LNAT (Learning Needs Analysis)

and successful completion of summative FRACP Part 1 written and clinical exam.
For FRACP Part 1 exam information please see here.

Supervision of Training

1) Director of Physician Education (DPE)
The primary DPE role will be to provide educative leadership for all matters relating to physician training in the hospital as well as an important link between the College and the
hospital. It will also have some overarching responsibilities within the Consortium.

The DPE at Alfred Health is Associate Professor Anne Powell.
The DPE at Peninsula Health is Dr Sarah Whiting.
The DPE at Goulburn Valley Health is Dr Tunde Ibrahim.
The DPE at Mildura Base Hospital is Dr Sudaraka Wickremasena.

2) Educational Supervisor (ES)
All BPTs are allocated an Educational Supervisor.

3) Rotation Supervisor (RS)
Usually the ward consultant responsible for the BPT’s clinical work and direct on-the-job teaching for each rotation.

The Bayside-Peninsula Consortium ensures that all trainees meet PREP requirements.

International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

For information on eligibility criteria for overseas trained doctors, please refer to the website of the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV).

For information on training requirements for overseas trained doctors, please refer to the website of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP)

For IMGs who wish to join the RACP training program, the Committee of Physician Training of the RACP is responsible for assessing eligibility to enter the program and obtain
exemptions for training undertaken overseas. Please contact the RACP for further information.